On Being Connected.

Once upon a time I was the girl who was the last of her friends to join Facebook because I didn't really see the point. 

Then I became the girl who started a blog on a whim. A blog that started out somewhat anonymous, and then got really, really personal, and ended up being so personal that I decided to stop writing and sharing at all. The pendulum had swung entirely in the opposite direction, and it didn't feel right anymore.

Last summer when I stopped blogging, I quickly found a new balance. One that skewed far more to shutting off my phone and focusing on the people in front of me. That felt good. That felt right.

I don't intend to shift that balance back by starting this blog. But I do hope to share a little bit of my personality, my life and the things I'm thinking about and working on. Follow along, if you like. I'll mix it up from day to day. And if I don't have anything to say, I won't say anything at all.

I'll be here, just being me 'out loud'. And I'd really love to connect with you.